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Cartagena is becoming one of the most popular destinations throughout the World where tourists can enjoy the beautiful Caribbean hospitality with excellent weather and nature conditions.

Because we would like to add to the valuable experience of the tourists coming here, we’re always looking for properties that understand the needs of our clientele. Clean, beautiful, well maintained authentic houses with a full-service concierge packages are what we’d liked to present to all of our clients.

If you have a new property that you would like to offer to people from all over the world then please let us know. We gladly come and inspect your property before listing it onto our platform for others to enjoy.

The Requirements:
To be added onto our platform we’re looking for Villas with the criteria:

1: Licensed to rent out the house within the short stay segment.
2: All houses should be in the city center, San Diego or Getsemani region. The islands like Baru, Islas del Rosario, and Tierra bomba are welcome as well.
3: We would like to have clean houses preferably with a recent makeover in furniture and ornaments. A pool is a big plus for our guests to cool down.
4: One administrator to have all formalities with
5: A common goal to ensure the guests’ experience is top notch with a great satisfactory feeling

Firstly we promote your property in several ways through our website and social media channels. We also have a tourist company based in Europe with a good amount of daily bookings.

We would like to offer our existing clientele the opportunity to come and visit the beauty of Cartagena through our platform and your home! Secondly, we optimized the listing for Google and other search engines to collect it, making it available to literally thousands of people around the world!

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Our Platform has generated more then 200+ reservations.

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