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We offer exclusive, low prices without any reservation costs. For more information, see our offered saloon boats.

We offer handpicked boats & Yachts for you to enjoy the Caribbean Islands of Cartagena!

Private Boat Tours in Cartagena – We’ve got the best boats and tours to take you on a trip to the beautiful Islands off the coast of Cartagena!

A dinner cruise for your business associates, an intimate diner with good friends or a luxury day out with family? It starts with renting a beautiful private canal boat called in Colombian” Lancha”. Lanchas are comfortable boats with all the comfort and conveniences originating from a luxury yacht.

We would love to invite you to enjoy a timeless splendor on the water on one of our private boats. If you’re interested in one of the boats please do let us know and we’ll gladly help to provide you and your company an unique experience on the water on your very own private boat rental trip in Cartagena.

As an addition, we can also offer you a guide on the water telling you about all the beautiful history of Cartagena !


You can determine in advance whether there are multiple Islands along the sights of Cartagena or if you want to be left in the gracious hands of the Captain  to show you all the hidden gems from the Islands.

Our private boat tours provides a resting point in everyone’s hectic pace of everyday life and creates a perfect moment of relaxation or right ambience for your business or leisure activities.

If any case you hire a private boat with us we will go the extra mile to translate your wishes to the desired boat trip of choice. Sailing from Isla Tierra Bomba to even Isla Mucura. It’s all possible.

Book your private canal cruise with an amazing lunch or diner! We serve all foods fresh from the same day and straight to your table while you being served a warm meal. Of course just a cruise for drinks with catering or only drinks is also possible with us! We like to share all possibilities with you so that you can make the choice that suits you the most.

Our happy Clients that went before you!

We help all our clients with great pleasure to ensure a memorable and pleasant boat trip in Cartagena for them and their guests.


Playa Blanca

Cartagena's famous white beach; Playa Blanca. Great for having for a nice long stroll while dipping your feet in the water.

Isla Bela

It is an excellent place to enjoy rest with an incredible view.

Fenix Beach Club

Perfect for shipping cocktails while enjoying a delicious sample of Cartagena's gastronomy.

Isla Del Encanto

A luxurious place to book a lunch or dinner facing the sea.

Cartagena Boat Tours to Islands

Gente De Mar

It is an excellent place to enjoy good seafood and for a nice secluded day at the beach

Blue Apple Beach

The ideal place for water sports

Playa Bendita

A paradise beach for a full day of rest and privacy.

Isla Cholón

The party Islands of Cartagena where all the private boats gather !